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  • Heather Oglesby

I am inevitable

I am inevitable

Since the beginning I have been ever present. I am salvation, I am release, I am always an option; I am inevitable.

Beings try to escape my clutches, they claw at books and potions to keep me at bay, but I will always come for them. These beings confuse me so, they try to run away from me but they wish me on others so readily. How can they fear me so much yet still call my name?

I am to them the very thing to avoid, the evil, the despicable, the non-caring. Can’t they see my intentions? I wish to end the pain and suffering, I want them to walk with me in wonderment, away from the very things they prolong in order to evade me.

Why wont they take my hand. Am I that ugly and faceless? Perhaps if they took the time to see me for what I truly am they wouldn’t fear me so. I don’t discriminate, I am not hateful, I am not vengeful, I simply, am, and always will be.

Look at me, look at me, look at me.

I will never go away, I am everywhere at all times, I serve a purpose even if it is hard to see, I am the hardest lesson to learn.

I am a silent companion; I speak yet am not heard

Only those who look me in the eye come willingly.

Heather Oglesby 24/6/20


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