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  • Heather Oglesby

It's ok to ask for help

Everyone needs support at some point in their life. We have been tested recently and have had to radically change the way we live our lives, this has not been an easy task, the most resilient people we know have been broken down, the most introverted seeking more connection.

From a young age many of us are told to not show our pain, to conceal it behind a smile wiping away our tears in an effort to show people around us that we are, what they call, brave. Or we are told that it doesn’t hurt, that we are being silly. What would happen if someone simply acknowledged that we were in pain and sat with us until we were able to manage the hurt; to create a safe space so that we could have an opportunity to feel what it is like to hurt and be curious about it.

Thoughts of not being able to make it through this have entered many people’s minds and this may make us feel weak for thinking that way, but it is in these moments we need to remember to be kind to ourselves. We have never faced anything like this in our lifetimes, we are going through collective trauma and it is ok to have moments where we cry ourselves to sleep or get so angry that we have to scream to let the frustration out. However, if you do feel you are struggling and need some extra support, reach out, it is always ok to ask for help.

Something to ponder: If you needed support how would you go about finding it?

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