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  • Heather Oglesby

The gift of music

Music taste is unique to us all. It can express so much of what we sometimes cannot say in a way that is contained and safe. When we are angry putting on some deathcore can be the release we need, similarly when we are feeling sad classic violins can get the tears flowing.

Lyrics can have profound meaning for us and can tap into feelings we didn't know we still carried with us. Hearing a song that completely resonates with us can help us realise that we aren’t alone, and that there are people out there who carry similar pain or joy. Lyrics can also convey emotions that some people may have difficulty with, the saying ‘say it with a song’ comes to mind; for example Who Knew by Pink can articulate the pain someone feels about losing their partner or loved one; or Mr. Blue Sky by ELO can help express elation and positivity after a dark period.

Instrumental music can offer a wide berth when it comes to interpretation, the same piece of music could make one person think of open meadows, rolling hills and feelings of being free whereas others might see the departure of a loved one off on a long journey. The interpretation of music can be very revealing as to what you are going through at the time of interpretation, it can help us process our emotions in a way that is not too confronting. Free flow writing whilst listening to music can be useful as it allows you the freedom to tangent without having to remember where you were previously, it can reveal thought patterns and open up your creative side.

Music has power, it can conjure old memories and emotions such as hearing the soundtrack to a game you played as a child or a song you sang in assembly at school that brings feelings of nostalgia and transports you back to those moments. It also has the power to remind us of painful times in our lives like the aftermath of a difficult break up or traumatic experience. These emotions can however be unpacked and processed with the help of a counsellor that you trust and feel safe with.

Something to ponder: Why is your favourite song your favourite, what is it about it that connects you to it?


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